About Andrew Bragg

Andrew Bragg is a Liberal Senator for New South Wales.

Prior to his election to Federal Parliament in 2019, Andrew was an author and accountant. Andrew started his career as an accountant at Ernst & Young and went on to work in senior roles at the Financial Services Council and the Business Council of Australia.

His 2017 short book Fit for Service (Connor Court) offers a framework for 21st century trade policy for Australia.

Andrew was the National Director of the 2017 Liberals & Nationals for Yes campaign in support of same sex marriage which delivered Yes majorities in 71 of 76 Coalition seats.

Following Andrew’s election to the Senate, he was elected Chair of the Senate Select Committee into FinTech and RegTech and is a member of the Senate Economics Committee and Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services.

In June 2020, Andrew launched his latest book, Bad Egg: How To Fix Super.

Andrew was educated at the Australian National University (ANU) where he studied international relations and accounting.

What Others Say About Andrew

"Andrew Bragg led the Liberals and Nationals for Yes campaign which was a major contributor to 71 of 76 Coalition seats voting yes. The Campaign worked closely with Andrew in achieving this result. With limited resources Andrew was able to build a strong public profile for Liberal National for Yes and maintain a presence in media and public debate. We are very grateful for Andrew’s tireless and strategic work and his commitment to enhancing equality and fairness for LGBTIQ Australians."
Tom Snow
"It is my view that the addition of Andrew Bragg to the Senate will not only afford Australians a down-to-earth, clever and likeable politician, but one who is nothing but open and honest about his views. Andrew understands why business and foreign investment is so vital to this country."
Tim Reed
"The work of Uphold & Recognise is designed to preserve the Australian Constitution while recognising First Nations people. This will only be possible of we have people like Andrew, and the outstanding Julian Leeser MP, who are prepared to do the work and ask what is possible. The Liberal Party needs more advocates like Andrew who can run a case and succinctly put an argument. Andrew is an authentic and relatable person who would be a formidable addition to the Senate."
Sean Gordon
"I spent a considerable amount of time with Andrew during 2011 when we worked together on superannuation reform committees, I quickly identified Andrew as someone that I could work with as he took the time to understand the day to day practical issues faced by small business. He has been a strong supporter of COSBOA as a leading voice for the small business sector. Overall, Andrew would make an excellent Senator because he will be able to get things done."
Peter Strong
"Andrew has greatly impressed me as an advocate for enterprise and Menzies liberalism. He is a sought-after media commentator and op-ed writer, for The Australian, The Australian Financial Review and The Daily Telegraph, Andrew is also a man who has the courage of his convictions. His leadership of the Nationals and Liberals for the ‘Yes’ campaign for same-sex marriage shows that he is prepared to mark out a position on an important social issue which was supported by a majority of Australians."
Kevin McCann AM
"Andrew is a strong advocate who has the ability to win over stakeholders and take them on the journey with him. He hast he capacity to get on top of issues quickly, formulate a position and act on outcomes. He brings energy and determination to all that he does."
Danny Gilbert

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