Strong Economy. Fair Society.


Liberal Senator for New South Wales.

 Chair of Environment and Communications Legislation Committee.

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We're at a critical point in our history.
Andrew Bragg
Senator For New South Wales

Focus Areas This Term

Self-Sufficiency in Retirement


a better deal on your superannuation.
Australians spent over $31 billion annually in fees to superannuation funds.
"It is critical that we get this right."
Driving new Australian jobs

I commissioned

a taskforce of senior business leaders in financial services, fintech and technology.
We can end the narrative that Australia is too expensive.
"We can attract more Asia-Pacific headquarters to Australia."
National Reconciliation

The Uluru Statement

the Heart asks legislators to consult Indigenous people on the laws which affect them. I agree.
In my upcoming book, BURAADJA, I argue that five principles are necessary to ensure that the whole nation is brought into the process of reconciliation:
"This is a challenging process. It requires listening to all parties with dignity and respect."
Preserving Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour

is a unique body of water which stretches across our wonderful city.
I believe in conservation, especially when it comes to iconic sites and lands like the greatest harbour in the world, Sydney Harbour.
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Stopping the Waste

Fixing Super

Getting YOU a better deal on your SUPER.

spent over
$31 billion annually in fees to superannuation funds.
Superannuation funds
must be made to work harder for their members
Answering these questions
is a big part of why I wrote the book: Bad Egg, How to Fix Super.