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Zero Tolerance Towards Racism

Australia is the most successful multicultural nation in the world and we have no tolerance for racism according to Liberal Senator for New South Wales, Andrew Bragg.

Condemning recent incidents of racist attacks against Asian Australians, Senator Bragg said all members of Parliament stand with the Chinese Australian and the Asian Australian community. This bipartisan position has been supported by Labor’s Andrew Giles who has made astatement in the House of Representatives.

In a speech to the Senate, Senator Bragg said he was appalled to learn of a number of attacksreported against Asian Australians.

“As Australians we give everyone a fair go. One attack is an attack too many. The actions of a few cowardly idiots do not reflect the overwhelming views of Australians.”

Senator Bragg said Asian Australians are a big part of Australia’s success and have been for 150 years.

“I stand with this community. The Coronavirus has nothing to do with Asian Australians,” he said.

He said if people had grievances with the Chinese Government it should not be confused withour fellow citizens. Senator Bragg referenced the Chinese Australian Forum’s petition with morethan 80,000 signatures calling for national unity.

“Racism in all its forms must be opposed. All Australians, whether they arrived 60 thousandyears ago, two centuries ago or two days ago should feel welcome and a sense of belonging,”he said.

Senator Bragg noted that in his home state of New South Wales Anti-Discrimination NSW hadreceived 241 official complaints in the four months between 1 January and 30 April this year, 62of which were specific to race.

He said it included people being spat at in public, harassed for wearing a face mask and carwindows being smashed.

“Racism is a disease of the heart and of the mind and must not be tolerated in our society.”


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