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Statement on treatment of Chinese-Australians

Senator Andrew Bragg today expressed concern at the treatment of Chinese-Australians following the release of survey results from Lowy Institute. The report revealed one in five Chinese-Australians say they were physically threatened or attacked because of their Chinese heritage in the past 12 months.

The survey cites most respondents blaming the COVID-19 pandemic and the breakdown in relations between Australia and China.
“Coronavirus has nothing to do with Chinese-Australians,” Senator Bragg said.

“Attempts to link it to Chinese-Australians are racist attacks. Racism is a sickness of the mind.”

More than a third (37%) of people in Australia with Chinese heritage surveyed by the Lowy Institute reported being treated differently or less favourably and 31% said they were called offensive names.

Senator Bragg paid tribute to the significant contribution patriotic Chinese-Australians make to Australian society.
“Their efforts to help Australia is appreciated, their loyalty is not in doubt,” Senator Bragg said.

Senator Bragg said Prime Minister Scott Morrison has made it very clear that Chinese- Australians make a “magnificent” contribution to our way of life.

During the course of the pandemic the Australian government has run a campaign in the Chinese
media to link Chinese-Australians to the Human Rights Commission.

Senator Bragg said any victims of discrimination should immediately report it to police or the Human Rights Commission.

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