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Statement on Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones is either the member for Whitlam or he is an employee of the super funds.

He can’t be both.

He can’t take the taxpayers’ wage and be a staffer for the super funds. 

He seems confused. 

We either need to go to a by-election in Whitlam because he has resigned or he must denounce the link on his website. 

Yesterday Mr Jones posted a link to a Labor Party petition which carried a further link to the “Industry Super” website. The superannuation website contains information which has been discredited by the Commonwealth Treasury. 

The super funds are on track to send $30m to the unions and the Labor Party by 2030 according to electoral commission data. 

This is bad enough, but at least it happens through multiple parties. 

Mr Jones is using taxpayer entitlements to send constituents through to a commercial super fund website run by “Industry Super”.

He should hand in his resignation or remove the link. 

Media: John Mangos  0401 392 624

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