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Statement on meeting with Chinese-Australians

Senator Bragg today convened a meeting to air the views of his Chinese-Australian advisory group.

The meeting was attended by leaders of the Chinese-Australian community in New South Wales at his Sydney electorate office.

Senator Bragg said the meeting confirmed again the significant contribution patriotic Chinese Australians make to Australian society.

This contribution has been particularly strong during the COVID-19 pandemic where Chinese Australians protected Australia after Chinese New Year.

Their efforts to help Australia is appreciated. Their loyalty is not in doubt.

The meeting highlighted unsophisticated commentary from the margins undermines the Chinese-Australian community and Australia’s cohesion. Of course this does not reflect the mainstream view.

Unsophisticated commentary damages Australia’s standing as a pluralist, multicultural nation.

“A classic parallel exists with Irish-Australians. Why is it okay for the parties of Irish-Australians to be linked to Ireland whilst Chinese-Australian groupings are met with suspicion?” Senator Bragg said.

Senator Bragg said it was important for Members of Parliament to continue attending Chinese community events to further strengthen our communities.

The meeting also strongly endorsed the positions taken by Prime Minister Scott Morrison in support of Chinese-Australians during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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