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Statement on election as a Senator for New South Wales

I am honoured to have been elected to the Senate by the people of New South Wales.

It is a great privilege to serve my country and my state.

I am excited to serve as a Senator in the Morrison Liberal National Government.

I will be a voice for enterprise. I believe a strong economy is the basis of a fair society.

An open, competitive, dynamic economy is the foundation for everything we want as Australians.

I intend to spend my time supporting the Morrison Government’s agenda to secure our economic footing.

I look forward to strongly backing in our plan to reduce taxes, make superannuation work for workers and continue securing trade deals.

I will be a voice for fairness - a phrase widely used by our great Party’s founder, Sir Robert Menzies.

My Party has done so much to advance Australia, from Menzies sensationally opening trade with Japan in 1957, Harold Holt abolishing White Australia and John Howard delivering enormous tax and industrial relations changes.

I know we will add to the rich legacy of Australian liberalism in the years ahead.

I thank the people of New South Wales and the Liberal Party for this opportunity.

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