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Statement - Appointment as Chair of the Senate Economics References Committee

04 August 2022

It’s an honour to have been appointed Chair of the Senate Economics References Committee. The management of the economy remains the key issue for the Australian people. Without a strong economy, there is little we can achieve.

The Labor Government has very few policies to generate investment, growth and employment in our country.

As Australia faces deteriorating economic conditions, this Committee will be an engine room for policy development in our economy.

It is clear that Australia needs alternative policies on taxation, technology, superannuation and workplace regulation.

For 50 years, the Senate committees have been a powerhouse for policy formulation which I will maintain.

Finally, as a result of the election and Senate convention, I am no longer chairing the Environment and Communications Legislation Committee. I would like to thank the Committee Secretariat, led by Stephen Palethorpe, most sincerely for their dedication and prodigious effort. In my view, committees facilitate the best work of the Senate. We owe a great deal to the committee secretariats.


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