Preserving Sydney Harbour

The Morrison Government is committed to conversation. Thank you to The Hon. Sussan Ley MP for securing funds to preserve North Head and Middle Head for future generations.

Andrew Bragg: Well, we're here at North Head with the Environment Minister, Sussan Ley here to announce some very important funding for North Head and also for Middle Head and this is all designed to improve public access.

Sussan Ley: Thanks Andrew, thanks for your support of these communities and your representations on behalf of some fantastic people who care about the sites. North Head where we are, Middle Head but also all of the Sydney Harbour Federation trust sites that showcase incredible convict, military, Indigenous and natural history.And the announcement, $40m in next week's budget will go a long way to sprucing up the sites for the next important stage of their lives, but also creating jobs, tourism, and activity in this really, really important city.

Andrew Bragg: Thank you Sussan for helping protect these critical and beautiful lands for all-time.

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