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Senator Andrew Bragg Condemns Anti Chinese-Australian Racism

Australia is the most successful multicultural nation on earth.


Chinese-Australians and Asian Australians are a big part of our success and have been for 150 years. I stand with this community. The Coronavirus has nothing to do with Asian Australians.


If people have grievances with the Chinese Government, that should not be confused with our fellow citizens.


It worries me that a group of prominent Chinese-Australians, many I know well, have felt it necessary to release a statement on racism against Chinese-Australians.


I was deeply saddened when I read the first line of the statement from the Chinese Australian Forum which said: “We are deeply concerned that the recent rise in anti-Chinese sentiment is driving a marked escalation in racial abuse towards Asian Australians. This poses a serious threat to our national unity.”


I am really very proud of the Chinese-Australian community - 1.1 million strong and a great contributor to the modern Australian economy and society.

我为这里的华裔社区感到非常自豪, 他们110万人是澳大利亚现代经济和社会的重要贡献者。

One of the best things I have done as a member of Federal Parliament has been to regularly engage with Chinese-Australians.


They are proud Australians.


I know many Chinese-Australians feel under siege - this isn’t right or fair.

我知道许多华裔澳大利亚人都感到被围攻 - 这是不正确或不公平的。

As the statement says, “this is a time for all Australians to come together”. This is the least we can do for our fellow Australians at this difficult time.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has condemned the current level of abuse. He rightly points out Chinese-Australians led the way during Australia’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

莫里森(Scott Morrison)总理谴责了目前的谩骂现象。他正确地指出,在澳大利亚应对新型冠状病毒危机期间,华裔社区是带头的。

“I’m massively disappointed because it is just so wrong,” Prime Minister Morrison said.


“It was the Chinese Australian community that actually protected Australia. They led the way and the broader community is now following.”


The Prime Minister is clear. We stand with you.


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