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Call For Further Submissions To FinTech Inquiry

I am sure you will all understand the unknown effects the COVID-19 pandemic threaten to wreak on the FinTech and RegTech sectors. As a consequence it has disrupted the workings of the Senate Select Committee Inquiry. We will continue the inquiry, but have decided to reopen submissions to allow for the extraordinary conditions which now confront us.Your fresh input is valued in our efforts to create viable and practical recommendations to assist the sector.

Thank you,

Senator Andrew Bragg, Chair, Senate Select Committee into FinTech and RegTech.


Call for further submissions to the inquiry

Since the committee finished its last round of public hearings in February, Australia’s economic and financial environment has changed dramatically as a result of the unfolding COVID‑19 pandemic.

The committee is keenly aware that these rapid and unexpected changes will have a significant impact on the FinTech and RegTech sectors.

In light of current circumstances, the committee is not going to press ahead with its previous timetable. Instead, the committee has re-opened its inquiry submission process to enable submitters to provide further input to the committee on what the critical needs of the sector are at this time.

The committee would like to hear what support is necessary in the short, medium and long term, including post-recovery, focusing on solutions that can be delivered swiftly by government and the private sector.

If you wish to provide further input to the committee, you can do so by 10 April 2020.

Please note that submissions do not need to be lengthy – short summaries or dot points are perfectly acceptable to communicate the key needs and proposed solutions. The committee is mindful of not adding any unnecessary workload to businesses in Australia at this time.

If you have any queries, please contact the committee secretariat.

To see the Committee Statement, please click here.

Media: John Mangos | 0401 392 624

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