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Media Statement on 2020 Shepherd Oration with Alan Joyce AC

Media Statement

3 November 2020

Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce AC, tonight delivers the second Shepherd Oration which was established in 2019 to encourage business leaders to engage in policy formulation.

Mr Joyce follows the inaugural speaker, Tony Shepherd AO, who has been the exemplar over a long and distinguished career.

There are too few business leaders like Tony Shepherd prepared to take the hits to advance a patriotic agenda. But without this input, policy formulation is left to the public service and overly active groups like the trade unions and think tanks.

With 8 out of 10 jobs in the private economy, Australian public policy needs input from business.

Our competitive position is always in play.

For a country like Australia: tax, labour laws, energy settings and policy dynamism loom as the largest policy issues. We need to do more work on both taxation and labour laws.

Alan has been in the arena. He’s been there on labour laws and he’s been there on same sex marriage. He has made his mark as a business leader engaging in public policy.

I thank Mr Joyce for delivering the 2020 Shepherd Oration and putting his policy ideas on the table.

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