Strong Economy. Fair Society.

NEW SOUTH WALES Business Forum

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New South Wales Business Forum

Without a strong economy, there can be no fair society.

To promote engagement from the private economy into policy formulation,

Senator Bragg established the New South Wales Business Forum upon his election to the national Parliament.

Without a strong economy, there can be no fair society. Ensuring the New South Wales and Australian economy retains a strong foundation is essential.

The forum provides regulator opportunities

for New South Wales business people to meet and discuss key policy issues such as financial sector regulation, FinTech, superannuation, corporate governance, federalism, taxation, industrial relations and budget policy.

Events and meetings are generally informal to promote open, frank and constructive dialogue on generally complicated economic policy issues.

The Business Forum established and hosted the Inaugural Tony Shepherd Oration in 2019.

Each year a Shepherd Lecturer speaks about the importance of business stepping up and participating in policy formulation.

For more information please contact the Sydney electorate office on 02 8289 9110.
New South Wales Business Forum

2020 Shepherd Oration

with special guest speaker Mr Alan Joyce AC.

The 2020 Shepherd Oration took place in Sydney on 3 November with special guest speaker, Qantas CEO, Mr Alan Joyce AC.The event was attended under COVID-19 restrictions with guests attending in person and many joining us via videoconference.

Mr Joyce delivered an outstanding speech in which he addressed issues including the need for industrial relations reform and challenges to the aviation sector.

Click here to read Mr Joyce’s 2020 Oration.

New South Wales Business Forum

2019 Inaugural Shepherd Oration

with Mr Tony Shepherd AO.

The 2019 Shepherd Oration took place in Sydney on 31 October 2019.      

It was established as a forum for Australia’s leading business figures to put policy ideas on the table for public discussion.With 8 out of 10 jobs in the private economy, it’s my view that Australian public policy needs input from business.

As former head of the Business Council of Australia, Tony Shepherd, inspired the event with his views on industrial relations reform, taxation and policy settings.

Click here to read Mr Shepherd’s 2019 Oration.