Preserving Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is a unique body of water which stretches across our wonderful city. The Howard Government stepped up to preserve former defence lands which we should maintain in public hands going forward.

I believe in conservation, especially when it comes to iconic sites and lands like the greatest harbour in the world, Sydney Harbour.

I also believe in the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust’s ability to manage these sites.

The Trust was set up 20 years ago by the Howard Government to remediate former defence force lands around the harbour and open them up for public enjoyment.

The Harbour Trust has done a magnificent job with significant support and input from the communities they work with.

I have visited these sits and I am impressed with what has been achieved in preserving and unveiling their multilayered history of the sites, and creating valued community spaces.

There’s currently a review of the Harbour Trust and this is an opportunity to take stock and consider what’s needed to protect and maintain the public amenity of sites into the future.

I have presented a submission to the review because I believe the trust to remain in perpetuity and maintain its focus on conservation.

We need to ensure we’ve got the right arrangements for the ongoing management of the sites.

There is still some remediation to be done–particularly on Cockatoo Island and North Head in Manly. We need to find pathways for realising the amazing value of these sites, which also recognise there are constraints on Government funding.

Trust sites have always involved a mix of public and commercial uses.

And it’s all about getting the balance right. I believe the Trust is the right and proper entity to do that.

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