Andrew Bragg is an author, campaigner and trained accountant. Andrew manages a consulting business after working for many years as a senior executive in the financial services industry.

As an author, he regularly contributes for the Australian Financial ReviewDaily Telegraph and The Australian and appears on the ABC and Sky News. Andrew usually writes about tax, regulation, foreign and trade policy, financial services and the campaign / communication landscape. 

His 2017 short book Fit for Service (Connor Court) is an acclaimed framework for 21st century trade policy for Australia. Its extracts appeared in the Australian Financial Review and were featured on Sky News, Radio 2GB and Quadrant. In 2018, Andrew wrote the modern version of the "Scrap Iron for Japan" essay in Paul Ritchie's Forgotten People Updated (Connor Court).    

As a campaigner, he was the National Director of the 2017 Liberals & Nationals for Yes campaign in support of same sex marriage which delivered Yes majorities in 71 of 76 Coalition seats. Andrew was also the inaugural Executive Chairman of the Business Council of Australia’s campaign unit “For The Common Good”.

Andrew's passion for public policy stems from his strong belief a strong economy is the basis of a just society.